Bilingualism in International Schools: A Model for Enriching Language Education


Originally set up for British and American ex-patriates, International Schools are now to be found throughout the world with student bodies consisting largely of non-native speakers of English. I propose a "three-programme" model for addressing the language and curricula needs of these students: a content-based second language programme; a programme of cultural and linguistic training for all staff and administrators; and a mother tongue programme for all students who do not have English as their native language. This book is directed at teachers, parents and school leaders. There are inserted boxes of authentic comments by second language learners, and many useful resources and websites.


"The book is a powerful, cogent plea for International Schools which are truly international, which build on the rich resources of a linguistically diverse student body. It makes for essential reading for anyone involved in the practical business of implementing feasible and educationally rich bilingual programmes in contemporary schools across the world."


Professor Catherine Wallace, School of Culture, Language and Communication, Institute of Education, University of London, UK